Two years ago Pope Francis released Laudato Si’, his encyclical which Time magazine described as a “powerful, prophetic, and personal plea for governments, religions, businesses and individuals to work together to address climate change, much of which Francis says is caused by humans.”

The Pope gave a copy to President Donald Trump when he visited the Vatican earlier this year. Trump, not known for his love of reading, pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord soon after. It is likely Trump never made it through the first page.

Neither, it seems, has Reverand Barry Stechschulte of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in St. Marys, Ohio. In a recent church newsletter, Father Barry railed against the “phony scenario” of man-made climate impact that is widely accepted by climate scientists. The theory of climate change is just “agenda-driven science” with “communist undertones” promoted by people who want to see “redistribution of wealth on a global scale,” claims Father Barry.

We highly recommend taking a few minutes to read what the Pope has to say on climate change. Oh, and while you’re at it, maybe what he has to say about wealth distribution as well.

Hint: they are very, very different than what Father Barry is pushing.

His full message is printed below.

A Message from the Pastor

Another quote from the little booklet I have called “The Wonders of the Universe,” is from Galileo, the famed scientist who theorized about a sun-centered solar system. It reads, “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”

Science is not popular opinion. Just because a lot of people believe something to be true in any scientific field, even if it’s a majority of scientists themselves, does not make something true. In Galileo’s time, he was about the only man to think that the earth revolved around the Sun, and yet he was correct. Today, a seeming majority of scientists and the media believe in man-made climate change – that human beings are responsible for global warming. But that doesn’t make it true.

Screenshot of original text

So called global warming (more correctly called ‘climate change’) is a natural phenomenon. The Earth warms and cools over long periods of time. Scientists who say the Earth is warming and that sea-levels are rising and that our lives are in danger, were saying in the 1970’s that it was cooling and that an ice age was coming. Today, they say it is the change in Earth’s climate that is the problem, causing anything from increased storm activity to terrorism, and that man, through carbon emissions (driving a pickup truck, for example), is the cause.

First of sall, not all the scientists believe this is the case. Probably only those who have grant money on the line are publishing papers which prop up this phony scenario for climate change. Buoyed by money from activists who want to take down capitalism in the West, modern science and the media are claiming some outrageous things about what the Earth will suffer if we continue on this path of fossil fuel use. Of course, nothing has happened and global temperatures have flat-lined in recent years.

This is agenda-driven science, much like the intolerant belief in evolution. In the case of evolution, it’s all about sex, free from any constraint of divine authority. For climate change, it’s redistribution of wealth on a global scale, with communist undertones. Hopefully, those few individuals, based on humble reasoning, will help authentic science to shine above the insanity that is climate change.

Father Barry


  • MsAmerica

    Don’t know why he is even writing about these topics. This column should be reported to the bishop and anyone else in authority. There have got to be other topics he should be writing about. Barry needs to spend some time studying Pope Francis’ words.

  • Red Rover

    Interesting. That’s the second time today I’ve seen paranoid people make crackpot references to communist plots. The first was this morning when I heard about Philippines dictator Duterte threaten to bomb schools for turning students into rebels. Now this guy is having trouble adjusting to current doctrine and claiming climate science is somehow driven by communists. You’re in poor company, Father Barry.

  • Ramona Hauenstein

    If it’s the same one (which I’m pretty sure it is), it comes from Holy Rosary Church in St. Marys, OH in NW Ohio, a very red area. I believe some were going to report it to the Bishop.

  • Greggyb

    They stuffed a whole lot of intolerant stupidity into this priest. Not good for your brand, Pope Francis!

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