From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Two years ago Pope Francis released Laudato Si’, his encyclical which Time magazine described as a “powerful, prophetic, and personal plea for governments, religions, businesses and individuals to work together to address climate change, much of which Francis says is caused by humans.”

The Pope gave a copy to President Donald Trump when he visited the Vatican earlier this year. Trump, not known for his love of reading, pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord soon after. It is likely Trump never made it through the first page.

Neither, it seems, has Reverand Barry […]

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Putting his father’s presidency in jeopardy, Donald Trump, Jr. has opened a door that can’t be shut. I still think President Trump will resign by the end of this year (see my post of May 18) and for the same reason.

He doesn’t want the American people to know about his business dealings with Russia. He now knows, or at least should know, that Independent Counsel Robert Mueller will investigate those transactions. How will we get from here to there? There is no sure way to predict, but that’s what makes prediction fun.

There is no […]

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It’s clear to most everyone not blind drunk from guzzling too much fake news brewed by friends and allies mesmerized by President Donald Trump’s erratic, post-traditional and potentially sinister behavior, that the New York billionaire’s promise to Make America Great Again has failed in so many spectacular ways after just six months of on-the-job training.

Worry, unease, and buyer’s remorse are now prominent among voters who could drain Trump’s new swamp in Washington if they redirect their angst to next year’s midterm elections by installing new representatives in Congress who will stand up to […]

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