From the daily archives: Monday, July 3, 2017

Ohio Republicans in the state legislature and Gov. John Kasich are on a collision course this week, after Kasich line-item vetoed 47 line items in the Buckeye State’s next two-year budget on Friday.

Perhaps the biggest item within those lines is the legislature’s attempt to freeze Medicaid expansion, allowing a one-year open enrollment before cutting off expansion for those who earn up to 38 percent above the federal poverty line. And if anyone has a gap in coverage, they can’t get it back.

Talk to anybody who works for a county department of job and family services and the cruelty […]

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A reversal of fortune now awaits Ohio’s 69th governor after he issued more than 47 vetoes Friday before signing his last state budget deal clocking in at $133 billion in all-funds.

Gov. John Kasich’s executive prowess started out in 2011 unbeatable, but awaits a comeuppance six years later after lawmakers in his own party prepare to potentially override his vetoes, the biggest of which is freezing Medicaid enrollment next year.

According to reports, the Ohio House has a meeting scheduled for Thursday and the Senate is expected to meet the week of July […]

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