Mop-up from what we called in the barracks “latrine duty”:

When Donald Trump decided to take a break from being president of Pittsburgh to being exiled president of Cuba, he reached the zenith of chest-pounding crowd-pleasing perfection. Speaking to his choreographed audience in Little Havana, Trump expressed his gratitude for their votes last November. (“You voted for me and here I am,” he asserted with chin up in snorting defiance of all who would challenge him, apparently as shocked as anyone that indeed here he was.)

Speaking in what experts describe as a 4th grade level, he didn’t disappoint with his flattering adjectives of “amazing,” “great,” and “‘incredible,” to connect with the group. How could he lose with his boasts that he had risen to destroy the late Fidel Castro to reverse Barack Obama’s retreat before the Communist dictator’s ruthless regime? But would he make the same bare-fisted arguments from Saudi Arabia to Turkey to…um…Moscow to the bloody dictators that he has welcomed to his family of praiseworthy friends?

* * * * *

The Republicans need for secrecy in voting on a new health care bill that quite likely few have read is another indication of their pathetic unconcern about their image in the Trump era. No hearings. No witnesses. No concessions. They simply can’t suffer the idea of a health care policy with Obama’s name on it. And as hostages to his maddening control, they have come too far already to cut and run without stain.

* * * * *

In case you missed it, there was a slick color insert ad in the papers hustling a 7” figurine of Donald Trump from TheHamiltonCollection (handcrafted) of the great man who “answered the call to Put America first” with his “enduring hope of message of hope and greatness.” You will also receive a certificate of authenticity. Cool. Nobody needs that certificate more than Trump. Only two payments of $24.99.

* * * * *
I wouldn’t put too much faith in the president’s sudden interest in restoring America’s bridges and roads. The only infrastructural demands on him these days are pointing to the collapsing staff and his crash in the polls.