A rendering of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions by DonkeyHotey on Flickr

I ask you: if you were in the same room the past year with the monstrous hulk of Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador with the face of a Royal Doulton toby mug, wouldn’t you recall the moment, and hasten to your friends to boast that you had just exchanged some pleasantries with the best known Russian spy in the diplomatic landscape? Wouldn’t you rank the rare experience higher than, say, sighting a cow jumping over the moon?

I mean, when it came to celebrities, even my father never forgot his glimpse of boxer Sonny Liston in a restaurant and never let any of us forget it years later.

On the other hand, Jeff Sessions, the incurious U.S. attorney general, spent hours testifying under oath to a Senate committee about all of the things he couldn’t “recollect” during his brief stay as the CEO of the justice department.

I recorded in my notes that in response to a senator’s question about why President Donald Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, pertinent information for the Russia probe, Sessions would only say that he had no idea what Trump “had in mind.” Nor did Sessions have enough curiosity to dare ask his boss.

At least, so we were told.

Nor did the incurious AG ever ask why he was told to leave the room so the boss could meet one-on-one with Comey. Or so we were told.

Nor did Sessions ever had a sit-down with Comey to discuss the reports that the FBI was going to her under the director and warn him that his days were quite numbers. Or so we were told.

Nor was the incurious AG fully aware of the Russian hacking of the Clinton website. Or so we were told.

Have you heard enough to lead you to believe Sessions had neither winessed this fellow Kislyak, a wily operative so pleased to have Sessions on hand – Jeff Sessions, who went on as a Trump surrogate during the campaign to land a plum job with the provision that he would be as protective of the president as a jittery squirrel to a peanut.

OK, maybe he didn’t see the cow jumping over the moon. But incurious as he is, he could have at least looked it up. Clue: To refresh his recollections, it begins: “Hey, Diddle, Diddle”. ..

Or so I have been told.