State Sen. Frank LaRose, the Hudson Republican, has sent out a press release commending himself for taking a hard stand on voter fraud.

OK. It’s not unusual for lawmakers to issue selfies bragging to their constituents that they are feverishly at work in the interest of protecting democracy, even when LaRose does not hesitate to concede that voter fraud is “rare”. But senator, did you really have to begin your prepared statement by applauding President Trump for “his leadership establishing a commission on election integrity”?

By now, it’s been clearly established that Trump lied when he complained that he lost the popular vote only because millions voted illegally. Though carrying the Electoral College, he must still have nightmares over the fact that Hillary Clinton, a woman, won three million more popular votes.

Of course, that’s history. But senator, are you aware that Trump named Kris Kobach, Kansas’s Republican secretary of state, as the vice chairman of the new commission. Kobach, whom the ACLU calls the King of Voter Suppression, will do most of the new voter fraud commission’s heavy lifting under its appointed chairman, Vice President Mike Pence. Alas, Pence, the nodder in chief when Trump has the rostrum, will be too busy with his other duties to spend much time on his new task.

There goes the commission’s credibility before its first meeting. Kobach is a terrible choice to give us confidence that he’ll clean anything up. His record in Kansas casts him as obsessive about restricting voters, and not only the imagined ones.

As the Kansas City Star reported , “Kobach is the only secretary of state in the nation with prosecutorial power. During his tenure as Kansas’ top election official, he has championed some of the strictest voting laws in the country, including the state’s controversial proof of citizenship law. That law requires voters to provide a birth certificate or passport to register.”

Kobach is now in place for Trump to validate the claim of massive voter fraud. It must be true. Didn’t Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway as well is others on his team dutifully support his whopper that millions of illegals corrupted the system?

Sen. LaRose, even if you’re on Summit County GOP chairman Alex Arshinkoff’s A-list for the party’s pricey golf outing at Portage Country Club on Monday, you might want to step back from the president’s war on whatever. You have just stepped in it.