A hearing officer ruled against ECOT last week, however this political powerhouse has brawny allies in all branches of state government

ECOT appealed the results of the recent enrollment/student participation audit by the Ohio Department of Education to the State Board of Education. The State Board appointed a hearing officer to hear the audit matter. On May 10, the hearing officer ruled against ECOT. The matter will be decided by the State Board in June. If ECOT loses, it may appeal the State Board’s decision in court. Don’t count them out.

ECOT is everywhere. Rally at the Statehouse. Lobbyists swarming the dark recesses of the Statehouse. Campaign contributions gushing to various state officials. In state Appeals Court.

While the ECOT saga is being played out in court and the State Board, concerned citizens must closely scrutinize legislative actions. ECOT has the support of some powerful legislators. Recall that an ECOT-friendly amendment was mysteriously slipped into the budget bill (HB 49). The legislator that slipped the amendment into HB 49 left no fingerprints. Incredibly, House leaders said they were unaware of the amendment when the bill passed the House. Unbelievable! The Legislative Service Commission became the scapegoat.

A PREDICTION: ECOT WILL FIND A WAY TO AVOID THE $60 MILLION REPAYMENT. What about repayment for the past 15 or so years?