Last week’s ECOT rally backfired, but some state officials are still rallying behind this political campaign funding-driven machine.
The May 16 Dispatch editorial seems to imply that the ECOT rally was not impressive.
ECOT is marketing, lobbying and litigating to gain approval to lock in revenue streams for students even if they don’t participate-the equivalent of funding empty classrooms. Now that the ECOT scam has been exposed to the public, the political grip of the ECOT Man may be loosening. But don’t count ECOT out. It only takes one legislator to insert an ECOT-friendly amendment into a bill while no one else is looking.
As a sidebar, ECOT, although now in the spotlight, is not the only online operation that is gaming the system. The online charter scandal is as onerous as the Noe Coingate scandal a few years ago. $250 million each year are at risk in the online charter industry.