State Rep. Kathleen Clyde, D-Kent

Ohio State Rep. Kathleen Clyde, D-Kent, declared her candidacy for Ohio Secretary of State in 2018 Tuesday morning in Columbus.

Term-limited from representing the 75th House District for another term, Clyde pledged to “put the people of Ohio first by bringing real accountability and transparency to her office and securing and modernizing our elections so that every Ohioan’s vote counts and every Ohioan’s voice is heard.”

The announcement today by Rep. Clyde about her run for the open SOS seat next year has long been anticipated.

Promoting herself as a leading voice statewide for voters’ rights, she said Ohioans deserve better from its current crop of leaders, SOS Jon Husted, Gov. John Kasich and a GOP-led legislature eager to pass voting laws that make voting tougher for many people in Ohio.

Among Rep. Clyde’s actions on voting matters is introducing legislation for automatic voting registration that would ensure Buckeyes are added to the voting rolls when they engage in other everyday activities like applying for a driver’s license or disability services, or turning 18 years old.

Clyde recalled her days growing up in Garrettsville, a small town in northeast Ohio, before she became an attorney who focused her practice on helping local families and small businesses.

Clyde worked as Deputy Legal Counsel to the Speaker of the Ohio House. In 2008, she served as an election official directing the Early Vote Center in Franklin County.

“Unfortunately, our state leaders are only making things worse. Their outdated way of doing things, their lack of transparency, and their same old stale ideas and misplaced priorities continue to favor those who are already doing just fine while so many Ohioans get left behind,” Ms. Clyde said in prepared remarks.

Watch Kathleen Clyde make her case for Secretary of State.