The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network (WPPN) held a press conference Friday morning in downtown Columbus, where speakers ripped the impacts on women if the Republican’s  “American Health Care Act” were operational today.

The lineup of speakers included Janetta King, Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network and President of Innovation Ohio, Dr. Beth Liston, pediatrician, Wendy Patton, Policy Matters Ohio, Linda Kanney, National Coalition of 100 Black Women Central Ohio Chapter and Joanna Saul, Planned Parenthood.

The purpose behind today’s media event was to detail reasons to oppose the AHCA , the impacts of which were said to be “disproportionately harmful…on women.” Tiny tots wore t-shirts reading “Mommy’s Little Pre-Existing Condition” to highlight the fact that the “Republican bill treats pregnancy as a pre-existing condition that would allow insurance companies to deny coverage to a women or price her out with exorbitant premiums.

The AHCA passed the House of Representatives last week and is now being considered in the Senate. Senators have messaged the House that the upper chamber will fashion its own bill. Differences can be worked out later, if the will to compromise is there.

It’s worth your time to listen to each speaker explain their reason for opposing the AHCA as passed by the U.S. House of Representatives