If you have spent 60 seconds following the political career of Rep. Jim Renacci of Wadsworth you must be aware that the wealthy Republican is deeply rooted in the conservative depths of his party. You can figure him for two bedtime stories: America’s survival depends on (1) reductions in taxes and (2) ending the regulatory oppression of the federal government.

An early Trump surrogate, Renacci has now decided to upgrade his career by running for Ohio governor in 2018 in a field that promises to be clogged with GOP officeholders. That could take a lot more effort than running for congress every two years from the 16th district of northern Ohio that was tailor-made for him by redistricting. Renacci has been finding comfort zones. But he has already set himself apart from his likely competitors by being the only Ohio candidate for that job to actually vote for the Trumpcare substitute of Obamacare. 

The contest doubled in size Sunday with the announcement by Secretary of State Jon Husted that he, too, wants to be the governor. Based on Husted’s platform, the secretary seems to have nothing new for a Republican to avow these days: anti-abortion, fiscal conservative and rigorous defense of Second Amendment. A small-town lad (Montpelier in northwest Ohio county) he says his values were formed by his town’s culture: “families are strong, faith is deep and neighbors are ready to lend a hand,” the Plain Dealer quoted him Sunday.

So as of now, the GOP has two gubernatorial candidates sharing identical silverware at dinner. Good grief. Onward to the next millennium!

Back to Renacci: Oh, he had an explanation for his support of the Trumpcare bill , with no indication that the president or many of the Republican congressmen have even read it, that threatens people’s health insurance by raising premiums and denying coverage to 24 million, while the superrich can head to Cleveland Clinic for treatment of a common cold. “I believe Obamacare is on an unsustainable path, “ Renacci posits, “and we can’t wait any longer for it to collapse – must push this process forward” .

In a recent report from Washington, Renacci led his constituents through his garden path of sweet- smelling actions by his office, with a reference to a balanced budget like that of “all hardworking American families.” Without mentioning the health care alarms, he assures us that his staff spoke to Bunker Hlll Golf Club (Medina County) “about the H2B visas and allow returning workers to be exempt from the 66,000 [federal] limit.”

H2B visas cover foreign temporary workers for the season. We can all sleep well tonight knowing that there are congressmen who boast about the welfare of the fairways.