Ohio’s part-time governor and full-time national chaplain and traveling book salesman likes to argue that there are just two paths to take in life, the light and the dark. Others can legitimately argue that life is full of paths to take to achieve personal goals and aspirations.  But Kasich has really only followed one path in life, the one that leads to self promotion.

Kasich’s One Path

Gov. John Kasich demonstrated that observation yet again, as he runs from his troubles in Ohio, where his tax policies over six years have left state coffers gasping for revenue and on the verge of a recession, as he has claimed many times now, which is curious since not long ago he was uttering claims about his Ohio miracle.

It doesn’t take much digging to hit the bedrock of Mr. Kasich’s political motivations: his often referred to, but intentionally cryptic, faith in the Judeo-Christian Lord, and what his master has in store for him in advance of his last breath on earth.

In yet another hour of power for Mr. Kasich, this one captured in real time on “Off Message: Whats really driving politics with Isaac Dovere,” Ohio’s twice-elected CEO hauls out another familiar talking point he’s expert at making. “I have a right to try to define Republicanism” is a classic Kasich meme he likes to spout off about, knowing his media interviewer won’t know enough to nail the former congressman and Fox News Channel talk show host to his own cross of flim flam. “John Kasich insists his book tour isn’t preparation for another presidential run. But it sure looks like it” is how Political reported on the aging governor’s latest reprisal of how he’s a uniter, even though he failed to unite voters in 49 GOP state primaries and caucuses to vote for him in last years race for president.

Isaac Dovere at Politico has access to the internet, and with a couple keystrokes could see that back in Ohio, Buckeye State newspapers are growing weary of Mr. Kasich’s out of state meanderings to hawk copies of his book, written on state time with taxpayers paying a hefty yet hidden tab to protect the governor on a road trip many believe is designed to bring him to the inevitable fork in the road of running to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020 or taking the path of least resistance as the critic who can’t keep The Donald from rolling over him again.

Editorials: Kasich On Wrong Path

In reading two recent editorials, one by The Toledo Blade titled “Memo to Kasich: Do your job” and another one by The Cleveland Plain Dealer titled “Gov. Kasich, take care of Ohio’s business, not your national book tour,” Ohio media that once gave Gov. Kasich the run of the realm now has him cornered in a maze of his own making.

The Blade wrote “The people of Ohio elected Mr. Kasich to see him working in Columbus, not to see him on one national talk show and news program after another, playing Ohio’s ambassador to the anti-Trump political establishment. He should spend his time here in Ohio, serving.” In hot pursuit, The Plain Dealer wrote “Ohio, not Kasich’s own future, should be, must be, the governor’s priority. And he should know that any political future he has will hinge in part on his successes – or failures – in Columbus this year and next.”

Mr. Dovere clearly doesn’t have Plunderbund book marked, because if he did, he would have a wealth of nations at his fingertips on John Kasich’s fraudulent pitch as the man who’s all about uniting people around common problems. Gov. Kasich is helping himself to his future at the expense of voters who installed for a second term, and taxpayers who are footing the bill for his self-promotional plans.

Some of Ohio’s Big Eight legacy newspapers are starting to show the kind of gumption to challenge the governor that they lacked in 2010 and 2014, when he first blustered his way into office then sold voters a bill of promises unkept to win a second term. After last year’s string of crushing defeats, and this year’s budget crisis, the blush may finally be off the bloom for Gov. Kasich, now that media isn’t intimidated any longer to sniff him out for the phony baloney performance politician he’s shown himself to be from his first days as a state senator to today as state leader.

It’s a minor note, but the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s main branch in downtown Columbus has 58 copies of the governor’s most recent book, with a waiting list of 111 ready to page through a memoir the governor wrote on state time, with proceeds not going to reimburse taxpayers for their expense to protect him on the book-selling road, but to further spread the gospel of Kasich.

Mice Play When The Cat’s Away

Meanwhile, while the cat’s away, the mice will play, as happened Tuesday when the Ohio House voted 58-37 to eradicate Gov. John Kasich’s tax reform plans for its scaled down version of what Ohio’s CEO-style governor asked for. The unbalanced budget Republican House Members passed yesterday, are that much worrisome one day later, when the Kasich Administration released the latest tax revenues figures for the current fiscal year, that showed a deepening hole for his adopted state’s budget, as April revenues came in nearly $160 million below estimates.

Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) is the lead Democratic member on the House budget committee. After the dismal revenue shortfall numbers were released, Rep. Cera said what so many are thinking about Gov. Kasich’s misguided beliefs and how they’ve done more harm than good.

“The jobs and growth that Republicans and Governor Kasich promised us simply haven’t come true in Ohio. Now, all we have to show for six years of their policies is weaker schools, weaker communities and higher taxes on homeowners, seniors, local taxpayers and working people. Taxpayers deserve a simple answer as to whether Republicans will raise taxes or gut essential services and programs to make ends meet,” Mr. Cera said in prepared remarks.