From the daily archives: Friday, May 5, 2017

Last week, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich conducted a Statehouse news conference and four town hall meetings in Ohio regarding the realities of the charter school industry.

Steve Farber has posted videos from two of the events. You can watch them below.

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A cleverly-worded amendment that would benefit some charters magically appeared in the State Budget bill. No one seems to claim ownership-not me, not me, they say. However, Representative Teresa Fedor was suspicious. Even ECOT didn’t claim it.

Fortunately, Senator Peggy Lehner is quoted in The Dispatch as saying she has begun to draft an amendment to remove this provision.

“If it indeed does create some kind of staggering loophole, I think we need to deal with it,” said Sen. Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, said Wednesday, adding she already was drafting an amendment to strip it out of the bill.



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Dr. Sarah Stitzlein, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati has written an important article about “building support for public education on the heels of Betsy DeVos.”

Dr. Stitzlein, in her commentary, “We are not consumers, but citizens when it comes to schools”, pleads for citizens to support and sustain the public common school as the key institution for preparing citizens for democracy.

“We need good public schools now more than ever to help us solve our problems, especially in light of our politically divided country,” Stitzlein concludes. “Let’s build on the momentum we witnessed in response to DeVos to improve […]

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Ohio Congressman Pat Tiberi, a follower, fan and product of his former boss John Kasich, urged his constituents to not believe the “fear-mongering he says Democrats are spreading about the American Health Care Act Republicans passed Thursday, that they say “has pre-existing conditions covered.”

Emailing his misleading and apparently uninformed message to Ohioans this week, Congressman Tiberi, whose name has been floated as someone who might take on Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel for the right to challenge U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown next fall, linked to an article from House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California that warned Democrats […]

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Ohio’s part-time governor and full-time national chaplain and traveling book salesman likes to argue that there are just two paths to take in life, the light and the dark. Others can legitimately argue that life is full of paths to take to achieve personal goals and aspirations.  But Kasich has really only followed one path in life, the one that leads to self promotion.

Kasich’s One Path

Gov. John Kasich demonstrated that observation yet again, as he runs from his troubles in Ohio, where his tax policies over six years have left state coffers gasping for revenue and on the verge of […]

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