Is standardized testing in America for the benefit of students? Or for huge corporations that profit from tests?

In an April 11 blog, Diane Ravitch highly recommended a post by Steven Singer that asks important questions.

School children as young as 8-years-old are forced to take a battery of standardized tests in public schools. Would educators prescribe such assessments if it were up to them? Would parents demand children be treated this way if they were consulted? Or is this just a corporate scam perpetrated by our government for the sole benefit of a particular industry that funnels a portion of the profits to our lawmakers as political donations?

It is amazing how long it has taken the American people (including public education folks) to begin to resist the wrong-headed high stakes testing system required by the federal government in complicity with the corporations that peddle tests. The federal testing scheme is not about improving educational opportunities for students. It is about campaign contributions and profits.

It is time for all citizens to protect school children from the plutocratic-inspired testing regimen. A place to start is for Ohioans to demand that Ohio’s ESSA plan move as far away from the NCLB orthodoxy as possible.