Reliable sources tell Plunderbund Wednesday that Ohio can expect a visit from new Democratic National Committee leader Tom Perez. Arrangements have not been set yet, according to one source, but a visit has been scheduled for Mr. Perez to visit the Buckeye State sometime in May or June.

Perez is the former Secretary of Labor under President Barack Obama who won a close election against Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, who had the backing of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.   Perez appoint Ellison deputy chair of the DNC immediately after winning the vote.

Hillary Clinton lost Ohio by more than eight points or about 446 thousand votes to Donald Trump. Critics say Mrs. Clinton didn’t deliver an economic message that resonated with Ohioans like the glorious message Mr. Trump made to “Make America Great Again” by bringing back, among other industry jobs, Ohio coal mining jobs.

Mrs. Clinton won just seven counties, and some of those by the slimmest of margins. In the get-out-the-vote ground game Team Clinton had that dwarfed that of Team Trump, Clinton staffers concentrated the majority of their activity in Ohio’s large metropolitan areas, especially Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. The rest of Ohio’s mostly rural counties went for Donald Trump in a big way, as voter turnout for key Clinton constituencies wasn’t as large as they were for President Obama, who won Ohio twice and who motivated more minorities, women and working-class voters to cast their ballot for him instead of John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012.

Mr. Perez’s visit to Ohio could help set the stage for the next round of elections in 2018, when mid-term voters historical turnout in lower percentages from presidential years. All Ohio statewide offices will be open races, as the current crop of Republican office holders, including Gov. John Kasich, will be term limited. The other big prize in the 2018 election cycle will be whether Ohio’s two-term senator in Washington can win a third term against the likely challenger he beat handily six years ago, State Treasurer Josh Mandel.