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Ohio Representative Pat Tiberi has always opposed the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.  Even when Ohio Governor John Kasich took advantage of the opportunity to provide over 700,000 Ohioans medical coverage through the program, Tiberi stood firm in his opposition.

So why is Tiberi suddenly claiming he supported Kasich’s expansion in Ohio?

Last week Pat Tiberi staffer Rob Nichols told a crowd gathered outside a Worthington fundraiser that “the congressman supported the governor’s position to expand [Medicaid] in Ohio.”  (Click the link, we have the video)

And in today’s Dispatch, Tiberi doubled down on this claim personally claiming he “supported the governor’s […]

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Republicans in Ohio must feel invincible, as though they have carte blanche to do whatever they like and get away with it. It must be the hubris that comes with rampant, shameless gerrymandering.

State Rep. Wes Retherford, R-Hamilton, was arrested around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, after being found by police passed out in his car at a McDonald’s drive-through with a loaded gun in the seat next to him.

He is now refusing to resign, despite a fourth-degree felony charge of improperly handling a firearm in a motor vehicle and, obviously, driving under the influence.

This arrest occurred after Retherford […]

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A new survey released by GenForward shows a majority [57%] of young Americans view Donald Trump’s presidency as illegitimate, including about three-quarters of African Americans and nearly half of whites.

Among those who have declared Trump’s presidency as illegitimate is Democratic Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis of Georgia, who said the Russians helped Trump win, a charge Mr. Trump and his fans deny. A majority of young African Americans and large majorities of Latinos and Asian-Americans say they consider Trump’s presidency illegitimate, as do 47 percent of young whites.

GenForward is a survey of adults age 18 […]

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In a world of disingenuous political rhetoric, so-called “right to work” stands a head above the rest.

“Right to Work” is built on a lie. No one is ever forced to join a union. Anyone who claims that is either misinformed or lying. In Ohio, employees cannot be required to join unions.

But state law does allow collective bargaining agreements to require “fair share” or agency fees. Those fees are lower than union member dues and cannot be used for services beyond contract negotiations.

“Right to Work” laws seek to defund collective bargaining units from being able to effectively […]

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Which of Ohio’s charming corn-country communities elected Ebenezer Scrooge to the Ohio General Assembly?

“Put another piece of coal on that fire, Mr. Cratchet, and you’ll keep your Christmas by losing your situation!”

Last Thursday, Democratic members of the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee objected to the anticipated committee passage of Ohio House Bill (HB) 2 along party lines, saying the GOP-led “No Rights at Work” bill will strip Ohio employees of critical protections from workplace discrimination.

The legislation was scheduled for a vote earlier this month, until it was pulled down at the last minute. The bill […]

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Jeanne Melvin, President of Public Education Partners (PEP), has compressed information about the graduation crisis into one page.  The bottom line of her 12 point synthesis is that the legislature must act to reduce the number of high stakes testing. Because of new graduation requirements created by the Ohio General Assembly, “one third of Ohio’s Class of 2018 is now at risk of not receiving a high school diploma” and “the percentage of non-graduates could reach 60-70 percent in urban areas.” State officials must consult with public school personnel-not ALEC, not DC, not Gates, Walton, Eli Broad […]

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Although New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has referred to Donald Trump’s cabinet as a “pickup basketball team,” I have come to believe that the new regime has been performing more like a bunch of 19th round draft picks. The latest evidence is that when Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray arrived in Washington for some formal discussions, the State Department swore ignorance of his visit. When the Department’s acting spokesman Mark Toner was asked about it, he said it was news to him..

He said he would check it out. Yippee! Problem solved.

Actually, the official visitor was there to […]

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When a bully’s bluff is called, maybe, just maybe, doing so works in favor of the one being bullied. Democrats, independents and progressives might be able to take the bully by the horn and turn the constitutional convention Republicans clamor for so to their advantage. Wouldn’t that be special!

Former Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn appeared in Columbus on Tuesday to push for the standard set of proposals Republicans want to include in a convention to adjust the U.S. Constitution. A state’s right guy, through and through, Mr. Coburn wants to shrink the federal government down so far that, as Grover […]

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Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy spoke at an anti-abortion group’s event Friday morning, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer,  “even though the court is hearing a case that could close Toledo’s last abortion clinic.”

“Kennedy gave the keynote speech at Greater Toledo Right to Life’s annual legislative briefing breakfast.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio quickly issued a response insisting Kennedy recuse herself from future abortion cases.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio calls on Justice Sharon Kennedy’s recusal

Participation in anti-abortion event inappropriate before upcoming cases

Columbus, Ohio — NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is calling on Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy to recuse herself from relevant […]

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It’s a great example of raw political irony that some Republican governors can talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time on Obamacare and Medicaid and get away with it.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson all share two things in common: They say they hate Obamacare [The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA], but love Medicaid expansion that has provided health care coverage to so many of their states’ residents.

The quartet of conservative governors wrote a letter to GOP leaders in Washington—House […]

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When Is Wiretap Not Wiretap?

On March 16, 2017 By

It’s been a stupendous year for politicians making asses of themselves with dumb comments.

We’re thinking of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling reporters at a press briefing that the Trump Administration is dumping some people because they don’t rise to the president’s “high standards “. Before this nightmare is over, that one should be bronzed in the corridors of history.

And how should we respond when Rep.Steve King of Iowa, who lives in the closeted corner of his state where even emails from the East Coast can’t easily reach It. This was the congressman who gave us, “We […]

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