Ken Blackwell spent the bulk of his political career focused on gay stuff, blaming the LGBT community for most of America’s ills.

In the 2008 governor’s race he accused Ted Strickland of supporting NAMBLA.  (Click through and watch the painfully hilarious video!)

In 2011 he tied Elmo on Sesame Street to boys growing up to be gay prom queens.

In 2014 he claimed that gay marriage caused some douchebag, women-hating bro dude to go on a shooting rampage at UC Santa Barbara.

This morning Blackwell was back with another anti-LGBT rant in an op ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“Obamacare is falling apart on its own, thanks largely to the 10 essential benefits mandates that must be included in all insurance packages or face large penalties,” writes Blackwell.  “These requirements range from maternity care to sex-change operations, regardless what the health care customer needs or wants.”

While I would love to debate Mr. Blackwell on the value and importance of supporting gender confirmation surgery aka “sex-change operations” as a public policy issues, his claim that Obamacare requires insurance companies to cover this type of surgery is a complete lie.

HHS regulations do prevent “insurance companies from discriminating against people based on their gender identities,” but there is nothing that “requires health plans to pay for gender transition.”

In full Blackwell style, Ken’s Enquirer article incorporates a homophobic lie in an attempt to scare fellow homophobes into supporting his extreme right wing agenda.

We call bullshit on Blackwell’s claim.

It’s one thing if extreme right wing “news” outlets like Breitbart or Fox News want to publish Blackwell’s false claims as facts, but the Cincinnati Enquirer and their editors should know better.