It’s been a stupendous year for politicians making asses of themselves with dumb comments.

We’re thinking of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling reporters at a press briefing that the Trump Administration is dumping some people because they don’t rise to the president’s “high standards “. Before this nightmare is over, that one should be bronzed in the corridors of history.

And how should we respond when Rep.Steve King of Iowa, who lives in the closeted corner of his state where even emails from the East Coast can’t easily reach It. This was the congressman who gave us, “We can’t restore our culture with somebody else’s babies.” That one made it all the way down to the white supremacist and KKK patio parties. But some of those babies could sure help any Major League baseball team (and America’s national pastime) someday if there were a 20- game winner among them from Mexico City.

And how about the Trump apologists who tried to explain that he didn’t really mean wiretaps in a literal sense so he framed them in quotes to suggest all sorts of surveillance of Trump Tower or the 18th Green in, um, Scotland. We’re certain they thought it was a rather cute escape for the “lock her up” crowd’s rally placards. So If I said the President is ”’nuts” – in quotes, no less -, does that mean I’m only talking about him or everybody who is hanging around to make his days more forgiving at the White House? After all, it was in quotes. Does that mean he may or may not be nuts?

P.S. Spicer said the “president is very clear on wiretapping”. And House Speaker Paul Ryan, never that quotable, told Wolf Blitzer that Trumpcare is “on track” But he’’s hardly worth quoting these days.