As I watch Trump barging forward in a draping black funereal coat and fixed defiant expression, I must keep reminding myself that this bizarre hulk is our president. Even his long necktie is an original White House expression that serves as a fashion statement and an early warrior’s codpiece to protect his manhood.

Soldiering on with alternative lies, Trump tried to bury the fallout of the Sessions chaos by offering the public the unique ruse that President Obama ordered the wiretap of the new guy’s Manhattan hideaway in Trump Tower. That sleight-of-delusion came directly from Steve Bannon who has earned the title of “Trump’s Brain”. Bannon got it from Breitbart , where Bannon had once been the top banana. Nobody except Trump’s eager enablers believed a word of it. But it served the purpose nicely as fodder for his 40 percenters, who, as it has been shown, will believe anything if it can be classified as America First. And the wiretap thing of the previous president is certainly a first for American presidential politics.

Don’t be surprised if nothing works, Trump will revive the whopper about Obama’s birthplace. Some of his supporters won’t have to be a graduate of Trump University to believe it.