JobsOhio released its annual report yesterday.  And the news was not good.

As the Dispatch reported, JobsOhio created “its fewest number of jobs since 2013” with a drop of “2,999 positions or 13 percent from the record set in 2015.” And “corporate investment in facilities and equipment declined $2.1 billion or 31 percent.”

JobsOhio took in a “record revenue of $1.075 billion last year” from liquor sales in Ohio.  But the jobs they actually claim to have created only “carried an annual payroll of $994 million — about $48,250 each — a drop of $106 million or 10 percent from 2015.”

And while JobsOhio was creating fewer jobs in the state last year, they still decided to give themselves raises and they went on a hiring spree. According to the Dispatch “salaries and benefits increased $1.9 million or 23 percent to $8.2 million as 11 employees were added to increase the total number to 73.”

For those keeping track that works out to an average salary of $122K for JobsOhio employees with some top staff making over $250k per year.

Since Kasich took office in 2011 Ohio has remained at the bottom of the barrel for national job creation despite his promise that privatizing the state’s development efforts with JobsOhio would prove out his Ohio Miracle story.

The miracle isn’t happening.  And JobsOhio continues to be a failed economic development experiment for everyone except the folks who work for JobsOhio.