With so many Trump Age Republican no-shows at town hall  meetings around the country, is it fair to assume that they are  busy rehearsing for a revival of The Shadow, the old radio series with a remarkable detective who could  cloud people’s minds without being seen? OK, for skeptics, it’s  true that they  already have plenty of experience doing that from their perches on Capitol Hill!
As a kid, I was forever enthralled by  The Shadow,  who knew what “evil lurked in the hearts of men” and set about  to expose it. ( Heh. heh. heh…}  Thanks to special powers that he learned in the Orient, he could be invisible to others, but in our midst anyway. In modern terms, he is gifted with a creepy  power from Steve Bannon. (Heh. .heh. heh….)    You wouldn’t dare doubt his mystical presence.  After all,  The Shadow knew and could never  be denied!  Spooky.  Right Like congressional phantom Republicans, right?