Meanwhile, back at the barn in Columbus, creatures are stirring…

The former Ohio Republican Party has now evolved into the Ohio Trump Party, from a rich new chairman down. (A “hostile takeover” , as one Republican grieved to me.) Nevertheless, there are campaigns for the 2018 ballot to be organized.

It’s already begun. Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel – Trump Jr.- has quickly announced his mobilized ground forces for another major thrust at Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown’s seat – the one that he failed to win once before – by planting organizers in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. I would think that is a bit of overkill in those rural Republican counties that are still unhappy about the Panama Canal treaty. 

Mandel followed up that mobilization with a promise to oppose sanctuary cities and states, which is a sine qua non for every Trump surrogate these days.

Some of the typical Mandel bravado might cause anxiety among other Republican Ohio perennials like Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine, Secretary of State John Husted, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Congressman Jim Renacci, and possibly the switchboard operators at Party headquarters in Columbus who are bored with their current jobs. There will be others. 

Whatever. The candidates can expect to be confronted with the protests that will hound them in Ohio even if the Trumpeters try to dodge them at Town Hall meeings. 

Oops!.. Almost overlooked lame duck Gov. Kasich, who will be looking for a day job in 2018 and wouldn’t be expected to camp out in the solitude of Walden Pond as an old unemployed soldier of the faith.

P.S. The barn and silo photo is a spinoff of the one that appeared on the party’s stationery back in the days of Republicans. We may soon see a Trump Tower replace the silo.