Happy President’s Day – the tribute of American democracy to our leaders from the one who would not tell a lie to the serial liar who is the current occupant. No whoppers from Sunday’s batch but we do know that on the seventh day he rests.

The sweaty campaign-like performance at his Florida misnamed “press conference” produced more than enough evidence to disqualify him for honorable President’s Day activities . I’m thinking of his torrential assault on the “dishonest press” that wouldn’t even show, he complained, the huge crowd that had found its way into the Melbourne hangar with cheers and signs that included – ready choir? – the “lock her up” standby left over from the campaign.

Not show the crowd? Yep, as the TV cameras rolled across the assembly of 9,000. Videos don’t lie. Even if the guy does.

Or how about his curse on immigrants that he called to our attention that awful thing that had happened in Sweden the night before thanks to the 1,000 refugees that the country had accepted.

To this very moment nobody knows what the hell he was talking about – not even him – or Sweden’s leaders who were stunned (pissed really) by his fictions.

He departed from the makeshift stage, open collared, defiant and pleased with himself.. Don’t tell me this guy isn’t dangerous.

And by the way, what about his comparison of Thomas Jefferson’s words with his own stabs at the press.

As Jefferson did say:

“And were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government I would not hesitate to prefer the latter.”