Another day. Another scandal in the dark epic of Trump world. The president’s ex-national security advisor, Mike Flynn, who apparently was giving as much advice to Russian intelligence as he was during the campaign to the looming occupants of the White House.

Oh, a vice president who wasn’t in the loop when bad things were taking place.

The president at his royal Floridian resort on the public dime while doing open-air foreign policy, documents and all, as fancy people who paid $200,000 annual memberships gawked and took pictures. No surprise. The White House oarsmen are now saying the real problem that should take up more of our time’ are the ”leakers”. Cool.

(About the $200,000 fees. It’s rumored that he gives 20 pct. discounts and a job in the kitchen to unemployed blue-collar workers and miners who can prove they voted for him!)

Sean Spicer, a Goebbels-like trained mechanic, leads reporters through an insufferably long prepared statement that could have served as a bejeweled chain of Trump tweets about the president’s unfolding success story. It was so perfectly fashioned that I assumed it was written by Stephen Miller, the 31-year old Wunderkind who will be close to the throne as Trump’s advisor.

Keep close watch on Miller, a robotic pale face with unlimited fondness for guns and such. A pal of Steve Bannon, it’s OK to think the worst of him. He was a top aide in Alabama Atty. Gen.. Sessions’ office before both were promoted. There should be no mystery about where this ambitious new kid on Trump’s block is headed.

There’s another group for whom all of us have witnessed the effects of the current plague: the Trump sycophants and surrogates like Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci (gubernatorial candidate?) and Treasurer Josh Mandel (Senatorial wannabe). And Florida congressman Ron DeSantis (chosen at random from a vast field). DeSantis recently introduced a “Drain the Swamp Act:” that would bar ex-government workers from returning to federal jobs. within five years. Whoopie!

He also praised Trump for “taking the lead in reforming Washington and I hope we can pass this bill quickly.”

As for the others in Trump’s realm, is there anybody more pathetic than the ones who squeak and squirm as they hopelessly seek persuasive words to tell us that we are over overreacting to a guy who needs more time to learn his job.

One other thing while we’re at it: Wasn’t the deposed Michael Flynn the guy who led a wildly cheering crowd to engage in “lock her up” while adding: “if I had done one tenth of what she had done I would be in jail.”.

There’s still time, general.