Considering how badly things have been going for D. Trump these days – from the failed mission in Yemen that he approved from his dinner table to his failed prediction that he would win his immigration case “easily” in the appellate court – we should all wonder about the health of his altered state. And I didn’t ’t even mention the part about Kellyanne Conway’s foolish retailing appeals and Sean Spicer’s beleaguered efforts to force the tattered genie back into his thimble. Just today, NY Times Columnist Gail Collins observed that Spicer was the “Most Miserable Man on Earth” and I don ’t think her words were in jest.

I also recommend the essay in New York magazine by Andrew Sullivan titled the “Madness of King Donald“. The empirical evidence is so conclusive that it leaves little wiggle room by his stunned apologists.

As for me, his delusion strongly suggests that the think tank in his brain has been so greatly damaged that it is running solely on fumes.