There’s much that I don’t understand about the new president, but most of all,  I don’t  understand how he got here. Consider:
  • He is the same  super hawk who managed to dodge the draft with five deferments.  Right! FIVE.  One-two-three-four… FIVE!
  • Despite his avowed fondness for the evangelical Christian culture, he unblushingly boasted that he  groped a female’s “pussy”, and he wasn’t talking about the neighbor’s cat.
  • His staunch defense of his role model Vladimir Putin, the powerful dictator who doubtless engineered the cyber attack on Hillary Clinton’s emails.
  • His refusal to release his income tax records, then and now.
  • His  vow to “drain the swamp” and since adding some of the rinsed  billionaires to his cabinet while pretending to be a friend of the forgotten working class.
  • His branding of all criticism as “false news”  fashioned by the most “dishonest press”  in history and served by “crooked Hillary”.  (How about a false presidency as defined by our normal expectations of the job.)
As you can see,  I want my country back.  But as he once crowed, he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose a vote.   Why?