In an instant, our so-called president Donald Trump Twitterboarded James Robart as the “so- called’ federal judge who blocked the travel ban as ‘“outrageous” . His anger spread quickly throughout his so- called realm. Kellyanne Conway, a so-called leading presidential advisor and first responder, promptly turned up on Fox News to denounce the court action as “alternative lies” while Sean Spicer, the so-called White House press secretary, tried to explain that the court had no more authenticity than a weather report.

On Sunday so-called Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell told Jake Tapper that he had no interest in replying to every one of the so-called president’s intemperate tweets, meekly couching the issue in terms that sounded an awfully lot like “Hey, I just work here”. Finally so-called proxy president Steve Bannon and so-called poodle Mike Pence reminded the so called president that it was Super Sunday and it would be good for America’s greatness to shut up for a few hours and let his Boston Patriots friends have the stage for a couple of hours.