We noticed a brief interview of Rep. Jim Renacci on WKYC-TV in which the reporter quite naturally asked the northern Ohio Republican for an assessment of Donald Trump. For the viewer it was not a learning moment. The former Wadsworth mayor, and millionaire Trump surrogate didn’t find it a good fit for his fusion to the new administration and he wasn’t going there despite some mild prodding.

“He’s moving very quickly” Renacci said, uncomfortably repeating his lean answer and telling us what we already know.

The congressman, like many Trumpeters these days, doesn’t need further schooling to maintain his equilibrium with the Oval Office. After all, Renacci can live in relative luxury without fear of being fired by the boss from a custom-tailored district created by operatives who are experts in the modern fad of wall-building.

Not only that. He lives in the relative silence of the area newspapers that report so little about his work in Congress – or his thoughts about the transition from the Ohio Republican Party to the newly fashioned Ohio Trump Party. My hunch is that if you asked a bunch of people in a coffee house to identify him, they might guess that it was an Italian pastry.

So, if you didn’t already know it, President Trump is moving quickly. AAUGHHH!!!