Summit County council President John Schmidt, County Executive Ilene Shapiro and their Democratic allies deserve a salute for erecting their own wall against President Trump’s botched anti-immigration order that has turned America’s values upside down. The council Democrats unanimously supported a resolution to that effect co-sponsored by councilwoman Elizabeth Walters 10-2 with the two dissenting Republican members, Gloria Rodgers and Ron Koehler, now in line with the Summit County Trump Party.

Schmidt said “diversity in our country should be celebrated. We hope this resolution will send a message that Summit County welcomes and supports our immigrant community.”

Good. We need more of that in our resistance to the alien force that has now taken over the national administration.

P.S, Schmidt said he’s heard from the public on the measure. “The comments have been 3-1 supporting us,” he said. You can be a winner with a lead that big.