THEY told us in grade school that America was a country with checks and balances. But with the sinister emergence of Donald Trump as the hideous face of the land, checks and balances are no longer part of the conversation. The “ balances” have been displaced by the clumsy cheapening of the Constitution by Trumpians who crossed the Rubicon with him to the Oval Office. Court orders ignored; (Gateway treason?) haphazard foreign policy tweets; laws and protocol broken every day; a clownish refusal to release his income tax records; a bond between the president and the leader of a dictatorship in Moscow. As for the checks, they are not what you might think. Instead they arrived as storms of ticker tape by billionaire friends and former members of Wall Street. A nd he reminds us often that he’s just getting started. That admission is just because he’s sick.

Reince Priebus, his chief of stuff (stet), says his boss is moving quickly and hitting the ground running to protect America. What Priebus won’t tell us is that Trump hit the ground head first and America was concussed. That’s pretty serious stuff.

America, the man is an awful person.