The PAC that Billionaire Betsy DeVos chaired and helped fund owes Ohio $5.3 million in fines for illegal actions while promoting charter schools in Ohio.  Laundering money in her zeal to charterize Ohio was the issue.
This matter was recently aired on the U.S. House floor, but the fine will not likely be paid. Although the DeVos confirmation vote has been delayed twice, she will probably be confirmed.
Despite the outstanding fines, Ohio Governor John Kasich wrote a glowing letter of recommendation about DeVos to Lamar Alexander, chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education and Labor.  (See below)
The DeVos family has donated $25,000 to John Kasich since 2012.
  • Don DeLotell

    If anyone else owed Ohio 5.3 million dollars for almost 10 years you bet Kasich would have Republicans Yost and DeWine all over this situation. Again the placing of Party over State shows through clearly–plus this lady knows nothing about Education except donating wads of $’s for Charter School causes!!

  • wetsu

    Kasich has had a chip on his shoulder toward educators for at least six years when the OEA didn’t endorse him. In true christian fashion he has been trying to exact vengeance ever since. A dash of GOP belief in privatization plus the possibility of cashing-in after greasing palms and here we are.

  • Red Rover

    I’m sure she’s made a “difference” in the lives of thousands of children, but for most of them it probably wasn’t for the better.

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