From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The PAC that Billionaire Betsy DeVos chaired and helped fund owes Ohio $5.3 million in fines for illegal actions while promoting charter schools in Ohio.  Laundering money in her zeal to charterize Ohio was the issue. This matter was recently aired on the U.S. House floor, but the fine will not likely be paid. Although the DeVos confirmation vote has been delayed twice, she will probably be confirmed. Despite the outstanding fines, Ohio Governor John Kasich wrote a glowing letter of recommendation about DeVos to Lamar Alexander, chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, […]

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The Republican ACA Repeal and Replace Scheme: A Guide for Progressives

By Toni Webb
State Director, For Ohio’s Future Action Fund

This week we saw the first, of what will likely be many, attempts by Congressional Republicans to find a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. The Cassidy-Collins  bill hit Washington like a lead balloon, being panned by the Associated Press as a non-starter that “could dismay conservative voters,” and the New York Times said this first attempt  “may serve to show how difficult it will be for Republicans to pass a bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.”


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A Food Stamp Block Grant is an Attack on the Poor

Lessons from Welfare Reform

Rose Frech

With a Republican dominated House, Senate and White House the much touted “block grant” is reemerging in full force. Supported by those who espouse local control and reigning- in spending on entitlements, block grants can, on the surface, seem like an attractive way of moving forward. In lieu of unrestricted spending and strict government rules and regulations, states receive a lump sum of funds to administer safety net programs and thus are provided with a greater amount of flexibility. It […]

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Taking time Tuesday between Senate Finance hearing sessions at which he grilled Georgia Congressman Tom Price, President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown talked to reporters about Ohio’s infrastructure priorities and how his framework for rebuilding and repairing the nation’s infrastructure would create as many as 13 million jobs.

A member of the Senate Finance that was vetting Mr. Price, Ohio’s senior senator took two strafing runs at Price today, pointedly asking him if Trump lied when he said he had discussions with Price, who couldn’t confirm that those […]

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