In a blink, Donald Trump defiled America.

In a blink, Donald Trump cheapened the presidency.

In a blink, Donald Trump intensified our fear that he is monstrously worse than we had come to know during the campaign.

With four previous presidents – two Democrats and two Republicans – seated within the fetid reach of his words, he chose to declare in his dictatorial inaugural speech that only he would be able to relieve America of the “carnage” that they had carelessly left behind. The road show that ended at the Capitol emboldened him to double down on his King Kong realm with eager friends rooting him on to greater excesses and lies. It would be “America First! America First!” – the ominous threat to McDonald’s hamburgers around the globe, Vietnamese weavers who created his Make America Great caps, and Chinese everything-else but his hotels and golf courses.

Welcome to President Trump’s fantasy world, which became official under bleak skies.

For a puffy, disorderly guy with no signs of humility, class or common sense, he again raised serious questions about his stability during the campaign. He has again confirmed the need for serious attention to his alarming selfies and has yet to be forced to react to a crises with the nuclear button in his pocket.

Indeed, we did see some instant leaks in the creepy adulthood of this new presidential experiment.

Reaction to the millions of protesters in American cities and international venues, for example:

Sean Spicer, his fully automated press secretary in a Goebbels-like role now, sourly read the official communique from the Berchtesgaden command post, flaying the media for “shameful and “wrong” reports that belittled the crowd size. Without pause or accepting questions he insisted the only true numbers proved that it was the “largest audience ever to witness an inaugural”. You could disprove that with an abacus. But the Trump Team was now moving at full steam, off and cunning in dividing their estate between the good people and the bad media. We even heard from Kellyanne Conway, who spun the story with what she called “alternate facts’’. (Her side’s verities, as opposed to everybody else’s lies.)

Not all of the media, of course, were as critical of the first round. In a pre-protest piece, a conservative household Plain Dealer columnist foresaw chaos from poor losing protestors swelling the crowd.
“The election is over and the people have spoken, we will have a new president, and it’s time for the kids to put on their jammies and hit the sack,” he wrote in a string of cliches. .

The “election is over” part has been repeatedly mentioned as the red light for further complaints, hitherto known as the sin of lefties who can’t absorb the Trump lie that he won so easily despite all of the rigging against him.

What did Conway say about alternative facts?