We called the White House multiple times this morning trying to leave a message for President Trump.   We were informed that the comments line is shut down until further notice and the only way to contact the president is through a web-based form at Whitehouse.gov or via snail mail.

One operator told us we could leave a message via email.  When asked about that option, she transferred us to a recording that listed the mailing addresses for President Obama and Vice President Biden.  The recording also included a warning that it would take several weeks for anyone to look at our letter.  (We’re guessing it might take even longer than that considering they only included information on how to contact the former president.)

We also asked to leave a message for Kelly Anne Conway.  The first operator admitted she did not know who that was and told us we would have to use the web-based form.  The second operator asked for our “affiliation” and, when informed that we were just a concerned citizen from Ohio, we were told we would need to write her a letter about our “reflections.”   She then promptly hung up on us.

Even though there is an option to press 1 to reach the comments line, doing so sends callers to a recording explaining that the line is no longer active and concerned citizens should instead contact the White House online.

According to Pew, thirteen percent of Americans do not have access to the Internet.  With African American and Hispanic Americans, that number jumps to 16 percent.  And 41 percent of Americans 65 and older do not have Internet access.

Donald Trump claimed he wanted to be “president for all Americans.”   So far, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Update: According to a Washington Times story the White House comments line was shut down last week during the transition from Obama to Trump.  Under Obama the White House used a team of volunteers to accept comments from callers.   The Trump Administration has not yet restored this service.   (1/23/2017)