The office of Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education should be occupied by an experienced, highly professional educator that is a recognized leader – one who commands the respect, admiration and approval of those laboring at all levels of education policy and practice. Jan Resseger’s review of the confirmation hearing confirms that DeVos has no experience in public education or in-depth understanding of education. The Senators in the hearing should have been “distressed by her evident lack of knowledge and experience and her ideological bent,” wrote Resseger.

The school choice thumpers now have one of their own in this strategic position. During the campaign, the new Administration announced a $20 billion choice expansion program. DeVos will do the Administration’s bidding and put more nails in the coffin of public education – much to the delight of the choice crowd. The institution of the great American common school system will suffer an accelerated decline unless local school communities throughout the nation adamantly resist the federal privatization craze. The states have the capacity and responsibility to invoke their respective constitutional provisions for education in resisting federal encroachment.

Those prone to comedy should also watch Trevor Noah’s review of her performance.

Time to become concerned.


William L. Phillis, Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding