As we draw menacingly closer to the odd prenuptial agreement between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for their arrival at   the White House, there is little left for the national media but to  repeat the names of the  boycotters. Trump says it will be a great spectacle to watch him enthroned with, of all things, his hand on a Bible as his apologists swear their loyalty to whatever appears in his  tweets. His straight man, Mike Pence, found it “disappointing”  that Rep. John Lewis described our next president (!) as “illegitimate” as the top American spokesman in leading the free world.  His campaign manager and fabulist,  Kellyanne Conway,  cautioned us to never mind what her boss said in the campaign because he really didn’t mean it.

Oh?  Should we then believe that given the normal excesses of campaign rhetoric, the real estate tycoon should be excused for mocking a disabled reporter with hyperactive gestures on TV,  a clownish  exhibition that Conway actually denied  as we watched  his gross antics on split screen.  The great Walter Lippmann once wrote that it is impossible to correct  the abuses  of pure fact if it is  rooted in the abuser  being paid not to understand it.

On the other hand  the profound  philosopher Yogi Berra once  warned us of switch hitters – players who swung the bat from  both sides much like Trump’s  penchant for switching positions  questioning President Obama’s status as an ”illegitimate American”.  Yogi  supposed such folks were “amphibious”.

Trump won’t disappoint me in judging his shabby character and unreal gestures that will mark him as the king of fabrication,  But what about  the voters that cling to their belief in the man and their superheated hatred of Hillary Clinton?  He’s  given us no hint that he is willing to move on as the guy who whipped up his crowds by calling for her arrest as a crook.  What about the others, many of whom digest  screaming headlines in the supermarket tabloids to firm up their trust when he boasts that he will be the “greatest job producer that God ever created”?

That bloated self-appraisal was a mild concession that there is higher order than his. But, folks, even that is a start .  Yet  unlike  Rome, all roads do not  lead to  new jobs for coal miners or immobilized production lines.  The economic base is changing around the world. And Trump, with his gifts from…um…God, cannot come close to changing it.  So far his loyalists have failed to perceive that.  Will there ever  be an update for the tabloid readers. Or in the new era of Trumpisms  will they learn from Zorba that the  “future is the pig’s behind”?