“Join us to build a ground game to ensure Nina Turner is the next Governor of Ohio #TurnOHAround #OurTurn.”

That’s the Facebook posting from a group that is urging former State Senator Nina Turner of Cleveland to jump into the 2018 race for governor.

Always outspoken, always articulate, always focused with a bold style that’s made her a political star among Democrats and progressive, Nina Turner would be a formidable candidate for Ohio’s highest office should she decided to just do it.

What her run for chief executive would mean to the Ohio Democratic Party and its current leadership, insiders and donor base remains to be seen. What isn’t a mystery, though, is that any race among Democrats with Mrs. Turner in it will be anything but boring, given her ability to light up, some times with fiery explosives that don’t mince words, where ever she is or whomever with her.

Nina Turner failed in her bid to be elected secretary of state in 2014, but that loss didn’t diminish her vigor to take on the long list of challenges facing her home state, which have more than not been exacerbated by two terms of Republican Gov. John Kasich and a friendly legislature dominated by like-minded lawmakers, who have dealt a bad hand of cards to local governments, schools and public union workers, among other groups who fall out of favor with their fiscal and social conservative agenda.

Turner made big news when she switched from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders last year. Sanders waged a valiant, long-shot campaign to win the Democratic Party’s designation as nominee for president. Along the way, new fans like Nina Turner helped build the wave of voters, many of them Millennials, who were vehemently opposed to the Republican agenda and unconvinced by Clinton’s campaign that appeared more status quo than revolutionary.

As other Democrats like former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray or sitting Congressman Tim Ryan contemplate whether they will take on the daunting task of running for governor in two years, Turner, who many thought would run for Mayor of Cleveland, entering the fray would send a message to any other candidates ready to rumble—especially whomever Republicans pick as their standard bearer should she win the chance to face off about them—that that rumble won’t be easy.