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When a governor is caged by a political ideology that sees health care as a privilege instead of a right, and thinks market competition is the magic formula that makes unaffordable health care suddenly affordable, the caged songbird’s warble about losing billions in federal dollars may sound sweet, until it turns into an irritating and hypocritical song.

In the case of Ohio’s caged Republican governor and songbird, John Kasich, his warble is tone deaf to the plight of people caught in the crosshairs of a complex and complicated system poised to get worse as Republicans on Capitol Hill advance their plans to […]

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Diane Ravitch was invited to introduce Betsy DeVos to the readers of In These Times.

Her view of Betsy DeVos as the nominee for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education: “Billionaire Betsy DeVos will be great for private, religious and charter schools—and bad news for students and teachers.”

 There is little doubt but that Ms. DeVos will be confirmed; hence, why raise the issue of her lack of qualifications and desirability for the position? Simply because the American people have a right to know her background and the potential damage she can do to public […]

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Zorba Got It Right

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As we draw menacingly closer to the odd prenuptial agreement between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for their arrival at   the White House, there is little left for the national media but to  repeat the names of the  boycotters. Trump says it will be a great spectacle to watch him enthroned with, of all things, his hand on a Bible as his apologists swear their loyalty to whatever appears in his  tweets. His straight man, Mike Pence, found it “disappointing”  that Rep. John Lewis described our next president (!) as “illegitimate” as the top American spokesman in leading the free […]

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“Join us to build a ground game to ensure Nina Turner is the next Governor of Ohio #TurnOHAround #OurTurn.”

That’s the Facebook posting from a group that is urging former State Senator Nina Turner of Cleveland to jump into the 2018 race for governor.

Always outspoken, always articulate, always focused with a bold style that’s made her a political star among Democrats and progressive, Nina Turner would be a formidable candidate for Ohio’s highest office should she decided to just do it.

What her run for chief executive would mean to the Ohio Democratic Party and its current leadership, insiders […]

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Politifact sounds like a good idea, in theory.

Operated by the Tampa Bay Times, reporters and editors from the Times and affiliated media outlets “fact-check statements by members of Congress, the White House, lobbyists and interest groups”

That good idea has had its share of problems, doubters and dissenters, from Republicans casting it as a liberal, left-wing operation to Democrats casting it as a conservative, right-wing operation. So, depending on the topic, the individuals involved, the political views of the readers, Politifact can be on the money or off the rails.

This means that the Trump-O-Meter PolitiFact will launch this […]

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The story is told that after Lyndon Johnson attended his first meetings early in the new administration of John F. Kennedy, he was in awe of the talent and abundant Ivy League pedigrees of those seated around the table. When he told his mentor, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, about how impressed he was with the JFK team, the Speaker replied.

“I’d feel a lot better if some of them had run for sheriff just once,” the wily Texas sage observed.

In looking at Donald Trump’s cabinet, clearly none of the cast of billionaires and CEOs […]

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He’s African-American, was born poor and raised in inner-city Detroit, but managed to rise to the heights  of his profession through the life-saving industry of his skilled neurosurgeon’s hands.

Last year Republican candidates fought to become their party’s presidential nominee. Dr. Ben Carson, who had no prior elected public office experience, found himself in Iowa for a very short period of time leading the rest of the GOP pack in polling, including Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the ultimate winner, Donald John Trump.

The soft-spoken pediatric surgeon, who seemed out of his depth from the time he entered the […]

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