As I watch Mike Pence standing aside Donald Trump with a teasing Mona Lisa smile I can only wonder whether he has managed to suppress the pain of the moment.  Pence, after all, is a sworn born again Hoosier, deeply into his faith as an evangelical which, as you might suspect, requires an instant prayer for everything disagreeable and immoral act  in our midst.

Trump qualifies.   That’s a matter that requires his careful consideration.  The vice presidency is temporal;  salvation is preached  to be  eternal.  So is damnation.
You can see, I don’t understand how a guy like Pence can the risk  blowing everything that  he’s prayed for by serving as Herr Trump’s  poodle. As we all must know by now, Trump is  a vulgar billionaire who would have to spend days in a confessional to point him toward Heaven. Sexist, holistic liar, school yard bully, an unhinged human microbe who has yet to reveal a single hint of humanity.
He’d have to be  born again every day of his remaining existence to get a visitor’s pass through the pearly gates.
Yet  there is Mike Pence assuring us that his boss, whatever Trump says, has a right to his opinions.   He is a loser, and Trump, too, may not be able to survive  his mucky swamp that will find him entering  the White House with a 37 pct public  approval rating for cheapening himself and democracy while Barack Obama exits  with a soaring – one of the highest – of nearly 60 percent.