Weekend chip shots:

As Donald Trump continues to insist that as president he is free of conflicts of interest, he should be aware that there is a gorilla-like conflict of public interest when he arrives as president: It is him.

* * * * *

If only 25 per cent of the FBI scandal is true – no, less than 10 percent – that should be enough to send the befuddled director, James Comey, on his way to private life.

* * * * *

The media buzz in Washington is about the secret contents of all of the files stacked on the table during Trump’s press conference. He claims too have signed each that shifted his far flung investments to his family. The Associated Press and others have reported that everyone in the media was denied a quick peek at the alleged documents. Indeed, one reporter who caught a fleeting glimpse of a page said it was blank. Given Trump’s track record of lying, who could comfortably believe him now? So let’s just assume that he served nothing but blank stage props.

* * * *
Good grief. What seemed so distant the day after the election is now less than a week away!