There were a number of issues that could be taken away from Donald Trump’s first news conference in many months. But let’s focus on just one: his slippery ability to lie with no concern about its consequences. It was the moment to consider , say, his five big whoppers that he will honor in the Oval Office along with his growing collection of proud possessions for every occasion.

Here goes his skill in making America great:

(1) During the campaign, he insisted that he would release his tax returns after an audit was completed. But at the non-news session, he said he wouldn’t release them because he was elected president anyway.

(2) After years of defiling Barack Obama’s American birthplace as a myth, he blithely declared that the President was truly born in the U.S.

(3) After denying that he knew Vladimir Putin , he called upon the Russian dictator to hack Hillary Clinton and has fully praised him as a highly intelligent friend ever since.

(4) After once declaring that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ought to be executed, he is now defending the right-wing hack artist as doing a great service for the country. (Sarah Palin once described Assange as an “anti-American operative with blood on his hands”. But she, too, has a jumped on his bandwagon.)

(5) And, oh, of the wall that Trump guaranteed the voters that Mexico would pay for it? He now tells us that the Feds will pay for it. But somewhere down the line Mexico will pay for it, if not in our lifetime.

There is much more, but don’t get me started. So I must award our next president five Charlie Brown AAUGHHHs !!!!!