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The Ohio Trump Party Moves In

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On January 20, inauguration Day, the official name of the Ohio Republican Party will become the Ohio Trump Party. It will be in the hands of Trump surrogate Jane Timken as the new chairman who replaced Matt Borges in a tightly contested vote by the the state central committee. It will mark the first time in modern Ohio political history that the party chairman was not under the influence of a sitting Republican governor.

But Trump prevailed by putting his own ally in the chairmanship with a number of phone calls to committeemen to support Timken, a political activist who […]

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There were a number of issues that could be taken away from Donald Trump’s first news conference in many months. But let’s focus on just one: his slippery ability to lie with no concern about its consequences. It was the moment to consider , say, his five big whoppers that he will honor in the Oval Office along with his growing collection of proud possessions for every occasion.

Here goes his skill in making America great:

(1) During the campaign, he insisted that he would release his tax returns after an audit was completed. But at the non-news session, he […]

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