Two voices broke through the crowded field of the many Trump critics to nail down the essence of the man. Keith Olbermann, the host of the GQ TV show, “Resistance,” sized up the president-elect’s presence as a reality star-turned-politician in a sane low-pitched conversational tone. After wondering how Trump could act as he does in so my destructive ways, Olbermann finally concludes, softly and calmly, that Trump ‘’is not well“. That diagnosis, rather than scorching him as the madman that he is, was effectively all that needed to be said. I recommend that you hear him say it online on the Huffington Post.

Without mentioning Trump’s name, Meryl Streep, blasted him in her speech at the Golden Globe Awards program in which she was honored as the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille award. She nicely summed up the conditions in which he’s been operating as an enemy of Hollywood, the press and the foreigners who represent the awards.

To that one, Trump exploded with his insane tweets that described perhaps the greatest actress of our day as “one of the most over-rated actresses” in Hollywood and a “Hillary flunky”.

No, Keith, Donald Trump is not well. Not even close.