Sen. Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, who has impatiently simmered for eight years to retaliate against President Obama and congressional Democrats, finally got his chance for a clean break from his nightmarish past by accusing the other party of ”sour grapes”. The occasion for his dyspepsia was the rollout of Senate hearings on president-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees that includes his wife Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary. He blames Democrats for not playing fair by threatening delays on approving the new cast of characters. You always learn something when McConnell speaks.

The Republican senator, whose home state boasts of lung-rotting coal pits, bourbon distilleries and a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark anchored at a Christian museum , believes that the sooner that Republicans are able to execute their will to make America great again, the sooner Americans can enjoy the exhumed benefits of American greatness.

But sour grapes? Can anyone not remember McConnell’s daring commitment on Day One of Obama’s presidency in 2008 that he would see to it that Obama would serve only one term? By now, the senator’s grapes of wrath have surely turned into the worst-looking shriveled raisins from the present occupant’s White House kitchen.