Shortly after the carnage at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, with full-chested bravado, stepped before the news cameras to assure the citizenry that he would not tolerate such bloody acts. A political cliche, of course, since in the instance there was not a damn thing he or anybody else could do about it.

But to prove his worth as the man in charge, he also said he had quickly reached out to President-elect Donald Trump and sideman Mike Pence. When a reporter asked Scott whether he had also called President Obama, Scott said he hadn’t . He explained that he had a personal relationship with Trump.

In the crisis of the moment was it possible that the governor had forgotten that Obama was still the president, not Trump. Or was he simply writing new rules of protocol, which Trump has already perfected for his plantation after Jan 20?

Why can’t I ever forgive Scott, who as CEO and President of Columbia/HCA health care system, once manage a company that was fined $1.7 billion for massive, massive medicare fraud?

So, again: Governor, like it or not, Obama is still the president.