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Rick Scott’s Confused Memory

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Shortly after the carnage at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, with full-chested bravado, stepped before the news cameras to assure the citizenry that he would not tolerate such bloody acts. A political cliche, of course, since in the instance there was not a damn thing he or anybody else could do about it.

But to prove his worth as the man in charge, he also said he had quickly reached out to President-elect Donald Trump and sideman Mike Pence. When a reporter asked Scott whether he had also called President Obama, Scott said he hadn’t . […]

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Kasich Budget promises cuts to vital programs

In two weeks, Govenor Kasich will introduce his last state budget, and early indications suggest it will reduce services for people who need them the most to pay for tax cuts for people who need them least.

Why cuts? There are two reasons Kasich is asking his agencies to cut spending. First, tax revenue is not growing as fast as forecasts suggested, which is hardly surprising when the state cut income taxes, primarily on those at the very top, for 11 of the past 12 years. On top of the revenue shortfall, Republicans still want […]

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Gov. John Kasich will present his final two-year state budget at the end of January as state revenues continue to miss yearly estimates. Newly-minted Senate President Larry Obhof of Medina said Kasich’s final budget will be the most challenging budget since 2011. “There is a substantial gap that we’ll probably have to fill,” he said. He added this ominous forewarning, “We will tighten our belts if we need to. We plan to govern conservatively.”

Faux fiscal hawks like Ohio’s 69th governor, the state’s most pious and sanctimonious of all, and Ohio’s new Senate leader misunderstand why Ohio got sucker-punched […]

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Back in 2014 John Kasich appointed Rick Hodges to lead the Ohio Department of Health.  Hodges had previously served as Kasich’s director for the Ohio Turnpike Commission.  And before that he held a number of different lobbying and government jobs.  What Hodges didn’t have, however, was a medical degree or any sort of background in public health, something required to hold the position of ODH Director.

According to Ohio law, the state health director needs to be “a physician holding the degree of doctor of medicine” or at least someone who has “significant experience in the public health profession.” When Plunderbund and others pointed […]

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