From the daily archives: Friday, January 6, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk recently, mainly from Ohio’s grumpy term-limited governor, about another economic recession coming to Ohio. Gov. John Kasich has worried aloud about shrinking state revenues even though he proclaimed last year running for president that Ohio was doing just fine.

As Plunderbund has pointed out numerous times already, assignment of blame for Mr. Kasich’s Chicken Little cries of a coming recession should start in  part with his income tax giveaway policies that have consistently short-changed state coffers without delivering a corresponding economic miracle. The result of Ohio’s wealthiest paying lots less while the least […]

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In December, we were treated to two very interesting but seemingly unconnected events. One happening created large headlines and continued a nearly two-year long controversy. The other generated a few stories but was otherwise unnoticed on evening news programs.

Upon closer examination, the two events are very much related, and when you examine them together, they provide us a lesson to apply in the current political upheaval in this country.

But wait: the warning signal these two disparate stories generate is more important than what might be visible on the surface.

The first event was the waves made by Michigan Attorney […]

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Yes, Virginia, not all state governors are equally bright. In fact, Virginia, some governors can’t see the future clearly because their heads are stuck so far up their fundamental ideology that what should be a no-brainer turns into a brainer.

Case in point, what makes a state attractive to business? Ohio’s term-limited chief executive, John Kasich, seems oblivious to the fact that when companies shop states, factors like taxes, utilities, labor force and location become decision points in their site selection process. But so do other factors, like whether the social climate is right for the company’s managers and employees […]

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