From the daily archives: Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A new Republican president-elect and an allied GOP-led Congress is eager to take the nation from a predictable health market during the last two years of the Obama administration to a new era of uncertainty. This inauspicious forecast comes from Open Minds, which touts itself as having “monitored everything happening in the sectors of the health and human service field serving complex consumers” since 1987.

Health and human service organizations should be alert and stay focused, now that expenditures coming from the federal government could change dramatically as a new White House led by soon-to-be President Donald Trump works on its top priority, […]

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If you happened to witness the New Year’s Eve hilarities at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s luxurious frat house, you saw the landlord whooping it up with a guy at his side effecting the same arms-waving body language with wide-open howling in joyous ecstasy.

He was later identified as Joey “No Socks”  Cinque, a reputed New York mobster from way back  – a “scam artist” and “art fence” (in the theft of classic paintings ) as described in New York Magazine who existed in Trump’s vast business world. Various mainstream media reports have raised issues about Cinque’s dealings with Mafia boss John […]

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Yesterday we reported on the Ohio Democratic Party’s attempts to determine which of Ohio’s 12 Republican (all white dude) representatives voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics in a secret session held on Monday.  The decision was quickly reversed the following morning after an outcry from constituents.

In a second round of calls their offices, everyone contacted by the ODP found some excuse not to answer the question about how they voted.

Here is the day 2 play-by-play from ODP Chairman David Pepper:

Gerrymandered Ohio GOP Congress Accountability Project, Day 2:

So today, we called through to the offices who, yesterday, did not […]

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U.S. House Republicans effectively decided to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics in a secret vote late last night.

And… then the same House members reversed course today after a flood of negative feedback from their constituents.

The Ohio Democratic Party attempted to find out which of Ohio’s 12 Republican (all white dude) representatives voted for the initial roll-back of the ethics rules.

The answers from each rep’s office were, not surprisingly, kind of vague. And also kind of telling.

Here’s the play-by-play from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper:


Today, we called each GOP Ohio Member of the US House and […]

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