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“We are not unmindful of the difficulties facing the state, but those difficulties do not trump the Constitution.” DeRolph v. State 97 Ohio St. 3d, December 11, 2002

House Bill (HB) 628, introduced December 13, 2016 by State Rep. Andrew Brenner, would take school funding in a radical different direction. It is not the solution to the court decisions in the DeRolph school funding case. Before legislators, school district officials and the general public become engrossed in the pieces and parts of this 779-page bill, they should:

Contemplate the significance, implications and the binding requirements of Article VI, §2 of […]

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Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown was vetted last year by Hillary Clinton to be her running mate.   Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine got the call instead.

But if Clinton picked Sen. Brown, who has a long history of fighting for workers and their issues, her economic message may have been stronger in important states like Wisconsin and Michigan where Donald Trump eked out wins by a very thin margin.

As Democrats look forward to 2020, the portfolio of potential presidential candidates is taking shape now. If Sen. Brown can win in 2018, his name could be added to the 15 people […]

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WSJ: Trump Doesn’t Lie Anymore

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When are Donald Trump’s lies not lies?

When they arrive at the news desk of the Wall Street Journal.

The august paper’s  Editor-in-Chief, Gerald Baker, said on “Meet the Press” that the word implies too much for an…um… untruth.

Wading into the etymology of deception, Baker says the word will not again appear in any WSJ account of  Trump’s misleading views.   “Lie,’ he tried to explain,  “implies much more than just saying something that’s false.  It implies a deliberate intent to mislead.”  (Oh?)  And if you assign “lie:” to our next president’s  comments, Baker said, “you run the risk […]

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They had to pay for their enormous tax cuts somehow and Ohio Republicans decided to do it on the backs of local governments.

So if your local government has raised taxes since 2010, perhaps you’ve spied the pea under the shell. But probably not, because they’ve likely pocketed that as well.

Research institute Policy Matters Ohio is out with a new report tracking the devastating impacts of our good state’s best Kansas impersonation.

Don’t anybody go being knocked over with a feather, but the new issue brief shows that cuts to local governments have been wantonly destructive, and […]

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