Democrat’s had high hopes of retaking the U.S. Senate in 2016.  Sadly those hopes were dashed when Republicans held onto their slim majority.  More blue blood could be shed in 2018, when Democrats defend 25 senate seats to just eight for Republicans.

In Ohio, the battle last year played out poorly when former Gov. Ted Strickland lost his senate bid to incumbent Ohio Senator Rob ortman. George W. Bush’s budget director, then trade czar got big help when super PACs friendly to him invested more than $50 million in negative ads, regurgitating the same false talking points Gov. John Kasich used in 2010 against the governor who successfully managed the state through the historic crisis, only to get shafted for weathered the storm and put Ohio back on the road to recovery.

Strickland conceded early after voting ended on Election Day. Watching from off stage was Ohio’s senior senator in Washington, Sherrod Brown, who will be up to bat again in 2018 as he tries for his third consecutive win. Brown beat former senator and current Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in 2006 and held his seat in 2012 against State Treasure Josh Mandel and $40 million in advertising Republican super PACs dumped into the race. Mandel, who will be term limited for state treasurer and out of a job in two years, is again gunning for Brown in two years.

Sen. Brown is no stranger to political fights.  He has successfully battled many an opponent throughout his long career in public office, including stints in the state legislature, two terms as secretary of state and multiple terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Looking at the debris field from the 2016 race, Sen. Brown is well aware that he’ll be under the gun to generate the kind of campaign funding that is already assured to Mandel, now that Josh is suited up in Trump garb and hoping to win the same voters who saw Trump as their meal ticket.

It’s no surprise then that Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren is already fundraising for Senate Democrats. Mrs. Warren, a former Harvard law professor who will be among the Democrats defending their turf in two years, sent an email to supporters Friday calling on them to donate to Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, the AP reported.

Sen. Warren is upset that her party didn’t win as many seats as it once hoped it would last November. The focus of her disappointment came in key losses in states like Wisconsin and Ohio, where “right-wing Super PACs” blasted Democratic candidates with what she called “nasty attacks.” Warren said Republicans have “a 2016 playbook that they’ll use again to try to deepen their control of the Senate.”